Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tapatio Hot Sauce Review

I LOVE Hot Sauce!  And when I say "Love" what I really mean is I am obsessed with Hot Sauce.  I put Hot Sauce on almost all my food and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My favorite hot sauce by far is Tapatio.

I was introduced to Tapatio Hot Sauce by my mom (Thanks Mom!!!!) and have never turned back.  Sure I have tried others, plenty of others, but I always come back to Tapatio.

I love the flavor of it.  I think it mixes so well with the food and ends up amazing.

And I must confess a secret...I carry the small bottle of it in my purse. Yep, I do.

Let me tell you a story.  One night I was out to eat at a restaurant.  I wasn't very hungry so I just ordered a cheese quesadilla.  Now this wasn't a Mexican Restaurant so I should have known better.  The quesadilla might have been one of the worst things I have ever eaten.  It had no taste, was so dry and I just couldn't eat anymore of it.  I asked the waiter if he had any hot sauce, and he said, "Yes" and then he brought me Tabasco Sauce.  Not exactly what I was expecting but I was hoping it would make the quesadilla at least edible.  NOPE! Made it worse.  It was so gross. So I ended up not eating my quesadilla and went home.  That night, I put a bottle of Tapatio in my purse and now I will never have that horrible situation happen to me again.

My friends think it's funny that I carry around Hot Sauce in my purse, and my boyfriend laughs and shakes his head whenever I pull out the bottle but I don't care.  I want to enjoy my food.

To me, Tapatio has the perfect amount of spiciness.  Of course, I do eat hot sauce and jalapenos like it's my job so if you have a more sensitive pallet, you may want to take it easy.

It comes in 3 different sized bottles...5 fl. oz, 10 fl. oz, and 32 fl. oz.  Of course you know I buy the 32 oz. but that's because one time I went through the 5 oz. bottle in 2 DAYS!  Yeah, did I mention I love it.

The 5 fl. oz bottle is sold at my local grocery store for 89 cents so not expensive at all, but unfortunately, that store doesn't sell the big bottles so I must go to Walmart for that.  The big 32 oz. bottle is $3 something.  I didn't know that size bottle existed until maybe a year ago, and when I saw it...ha, people around must have thought I was having a heart attack. I was so happy.

If you check out the Tapatio website, they have all kinds of different recipes from Breakfast Burritos to Chicken Salad Tostadas to Bloody Marys.

There must be other Tapatio lovers out there as well because I recently saw Tapatio flavored Doritos. <3 You know I bought that...

Tapatio 4 life!

I purchased this product.  All opinions are always my own.  This review is specifically on Tapatio Brand Hot Sauce not any other product.  Have an Amazing, Awesome Day!!!