Friday, July 29, 2011

Inbox Dollars Website Review

This is my second review on websites that you can earn money/free stuff from online.  I am trying to bring you the credible websites that I have actually tried and had success from so you can hopefully stay away from the Scam Websites.

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I have been with Inbox Dollars for over a year, and I have not had any problems with them at all.  There are many ways to earn cash on Inbox Dollars.  You can do so by Shopping online, playing games on their site, taking surveys, printing out and using printable grocery coupons, watching videos, doing Free offers (like signing up for other sites), and opening emails.

Just for joining, they start you off with $5, which I think is great.

The ways I have earned money are mostly the opening emails and shopping online.  I have done a few free offers by signing up for a few sites but there wasn't too much I was interested in.  Also I used to take surveys but most of them I didn't qualify for so I just stopped taking them.  I did qualify for some but I have many websites that I take surveys from so I needed to drop some of them to continue to have a life...

Anyways, so I will tell you more in depth about the things I do but just remember, there are other ways mentioned above to earn more money that I don't do so if those things interest you, feel free to try them.

Opening Emails :  I receive about 1-5 Inbox Dollar Emails a day.  You click on the email then inside the email there is a button to click to confirm you read the email.  The emails are for a specific website, Walmart, Ebay, other companies I have never heard of, Etc. and for each email you confirm, you receive 2 cents in your Inbox dollar account.

Shopping Online :  There are many, many, many websites that you can shop online with to earn money in your Inbox Dollars Account.  Some are well known like Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Kmart, Sears, etc. and there are some that you may have never heard of.  With each website you buy from you have a certain percentage that you can earn back that goes into your inbox dollars account.  For example, if you purchase items from the Old Navy Website, you can earn 4% of your purchase back. 

The most percent back I have seen on the website was 20% and the least I have seen was 0.75% back.  But if it is stuff you were going to purchase anyways, then who cares.  It's money back.

To cash out, you must reach at least $30.  They charge a $3 processing fee for the check.

I have cashed out one time so far, so I received a check for $27.55 because my account balance was $30.55.  The first time you receive a check, it takes about 1-2 months to receive it, and your account must stay active during that 1-2 months, but after you receive your first check, you are upgraded to a Gold Member and one of the benefits of being a Gold Member is that your check is processed 3-9 days after you request it.

I am about half way to my second cash out but that is mostly because the only thing I am doing right now to earn money is opening emails.  I haven't really made any purchases lately or done anything else.  The more you do on this site, the more you earn and the faster you earn it.

The only thing that they really ask of you is that you keep your account active by doing something.  If your account is inactive for 6 months, they will delete it and you will lose all your earnings.  However, if this happens, you are free to start up a new account, and they will give you the $5 again into your account.

I have not had any problems with Inbox Dollars, and I recommend them and will continue working with them.  You aren't going to get rich or be able to quit your job but it's a little extra money for doing something free that takes hardly no time at all.  Some people say it's a waste of time because it takes so long to earn the money but like I said, the more you do the more you earn and it only takes a few minutes a day.  When you do finally get enough to cash out, that is just extra money in your pocket.

If you would like to sign up (It's free, of course), you can Click HERE.

If you have tried Inbox Dollars, tell me how you like them.

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