Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Swagbucks Website Review

The internet is full of scams.  And unfortunately, the internet is full of trusting people who fall for these scams.  So I wanted to do a series of reviews on websites that you can either earn money on or earn points to "buy" items that I have actually tried and have turned out to be legit websites.

First up!

I have been with Swagbucks for over a year, and I have been very pleased with them.  The idea of Swagbucks is you download a "Swagbucks Toolbar" that you can use to search items, just like you would google, yahoo, or any of the other search bars, except when you make searches on your Swagbucks toolbar, you will receive points or "swagbucks" for doing so.  You don't receive Swagbucks for every search you make, it's kind of just random.  Some searches will yeild 5 Swagbucks, others will yeild 50+ Swagbucks or anywhere in between.  That's random as well.

Also worth noting, EVERY Friday is Mega Swagbucks day.  On Fridays, you have a bigger chance at getting a higher amount of Swagbucks.  Yay!

Now, when you get enough Swagbucks, you can "purchase" items with them.  You could "purchase" things like Jewelry, Amazon Gift Cards, video game systems, TVs, Paypal Money etc., etc., etc.  Of  course the more expensive things like TVs, you will have to save your swagbucks a long time for.  But you can get $5 on Amazon for 450 Swagbucks.  That might seem expensive for only $5, but if you think about it, you are getting these things for something you are doing anyways, just making searches. It's almost effortless.

I have had enough money to get $20 in Paypal money so far but now I am saving up for something bigger...but I haven't decided what yet.

And one thing I really like about Swagbucks is that they don't spam you with useless emails.  In fact, I hardly ever receive an email from them, and most of the time when I do, they will have a Swagbucks code at the bottom that you can go to their website, enter and receive bonus Swagbucks.

I haven't had any problems with Swagbucks and will continue to use them.  If you would like to sign up (it's free, of course) you can click HERE!

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If you have Swagbucks, tell me what your experience with them has been and what you have "purchased" with your Swagbucks.

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