Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glade Carpet and Room Odor Eliminator

 With two adults and three kids (all kids 5 and under) living in my house, sometimes things can use a little refreshing.  One thing I find that needs some revitalizing is the carpet.  I've tried many brands of Carpet Refreshers and Odor Eliminators, but the one I am currently using is the Glade Carpet and Room Odor Eliminator in the Scent Berry Splash.

The way it works is it contains a formula that first eliminates deep-down odors and then freshens your home with the Glade scent.

All you do is sprinkle the powder evenly over carpeted areas.  Wait a few minutes, and then vacuum thoroughly.  It eliminates odors from pets, dampness, mildew, and smoke.

The scent I have is Berry Splash, but I'm not sure if that is available anymore.  The other scents that it comes in are:

Clean Linen
Clear Springs (Tough Odor Solution)
Country Garden
Fresh Berries
Fresh Scent from Pet Odors (Tough Odor Solution)
Hawaiian Breeze

I really like this stuff.  It's easy to use, smells great but not overpowering, and the scent stays around for awhile.  Also, I've used the bottle I have several times, and it still feels heavy.  Because it's powder, it is spread around easily, and you don't need too much to get the job done.  My 32 oz. bottle has lasted a long time.

I would definitely recommend this!

I purchased this product.  All opinions are always my own.  This review is specifically on Glade Carpet and Room Odor Eliminator not any other Glade Product.  Have an Amazing, Awesome Day!!!

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