Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Secret Scent Expressions Gel Deodorant Review

When it comes to deodorant, I am definitely not loyal.  I will try it all.  If it seems new, different, has a great smell, or just sparks my curiosity in any way, it will probably end up in my shopping cart.

Unfortunately, I wasn't very happy with this deodorant.  The Mystic Melon scent was alright, no nose-gasams here, but I was really disappointed that this deodorant didn't keep me fresh all day.  With other deodorants, I apply it once in the morning and I am smelling oh-so-good all day long.  With Secret Scent Expressions Gel Deodorant, I found myself reapplying it 2-3 times a day...not good in my book.

And this my be a preference thing, but I definitely don't prefer the gel deodorant.  It just feels gooey and yucky when applied and well excuse me, but if I can avoid feeling gooey and yucky, then I think my day might turn out alright. Fortunately, when I was looking on the Secret website, I saw this deodorant is also available in an invisible solid. I didn't see that at the stores...obviously.

This deodorant might be O.K. for a little girl just starting to wear deodorant or something, but for actual women, Secret Scent Expressions Gel Deodorant just doesn't pass the test.

I purchased this deodorant with my own money.  All opinions are always all my own. This review is solely on the specific product of Secret Scent Expressions Gel Deodorant, not on all Secret Brand deodorants. Have an Amazing, Awesome Day!

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