Thursday, October 20, 2011

Etsy: LovePLS Monthly Update

Things in my shop, LovePLS are starting to pick up.  I've sold 6 things in the month of October so far and it's not even over yet. :)

About half of them were special orders including an order for 55 Felt Pierogies that needed to be personalized for a upcoming wedding.  It's so neat that I am making things for people that they want to share with others on special days like weddings and birthdays.

Speaking of birthdays, if you saw my last update you know that I was asked to make 12 Felt Sugar Cookies for a Snow White Themed Birthday Party.  Well, I received a message from the person who bought them thanking me for them and included in the message was a link with pictures from the birthday party.  I got to see my cookies in action and I must say, the birthday party was beyond impressive.  You can check out the pictures HERE.

I haven't really added too many new items recently because of the orders I received, I needed to remake the things that were bought, but I did make a new felt cookie set that I think is my favorite item I've made...and if you are in love with Owls like I am then you will probably like it too.

Check Out my Shop, LovePLS!

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