Monday, August 22, 2011

Tom's of Maine Natural Toothpaste Review

"Going green"?  Everybody seems to be...and I am too.  I'm not a super freak about it, but I try to choose "greener" products and do positive things for the environment when I can.  The latest "going green" item I have tried is Tom's of Maine Natural Toothpaste.

I've heard people talk about "natural" toothpastes, and what I was hearing was that people were not really liking them as much as their not-as-green counterparts.  They didn't foam up as well, tasted weird, or just felt weird in general.  Well, I've tried this Tom's Toothpaste and to me, it's pretty much the same as the non-natural toothpaste.  It foamed up like normal, felt kind of smoother or creamier when I first started brushing but not really weird and it tasted just fine.  I tried it in Cool Peppermint and the taste toothpaste. 

I would say the only thing different is the toothpaste is white, not electric blue or with stripes or anything like that.

After brushing, my mouth felt fresh, and the feeling lasted for a long time..

I tried the Wicked Fresh Toothpaste but there are many different kinds of Tom's Toothpaste including, Kids, Sensitive, and even Whitening along with some others.  I think if I buy Tom's Toothpaste again, I will try the whitening.

This was my first time using a natural toothpaste, and I kind of liked it.  I definitely wouldn't be opposed to keeping this as my regular toothpaste. 

I purchased this product.  All opinions are my own.  Have an Amazing, Awesome Day!!!

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